Licence Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to enhance your plumbing business?

It is not by chance Mastercraft has become New Zealand’s largest cooperative of locally-owned kitchen and electrical groups. The Mastercraft License model now includes Mastercraft Plumbing.

Over time we will grow throughout New Zealand, and our Licensees will enjoy the benefits of leveraging a national Brand, Supply Chain and Knowledge Base whilst retaining all the independence of local business ownership.

A Mastercraft Plumbing License provides you with benefits of a large, trusted NZ brand, while retaining ownership of your business.

Why choose Mastercraft?

Mastercraft Plumbing is about bringing professionalism to the residential and commercial plumbing market.

Our group point of difference is that we provide these services through locally owned and operated businesses, but under one national brand.

Better buying rates

Existing companies taking up a Mastercraft Manufacturing License will immediately enjoy the benefits of Mastercraft’s preferential group buying rates.

Group marketing

Mastercraft Licensees gain the significant benefit of a collective group-marketing fund and in-house Marketing Manager, enabling marketing initiatives well beyond those of individual operators.

Knowledge and networking

Learn from some of the largest and most successful owner operators’ in the industry by becoming a Mastercraft Licensee.

Want to know more?

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